Love Balm

Love Balm

Bear Medicine meets Bison medicine.

This balm is made with Osha Root, calendula and Hawaiian sandalwood infused into Grass-fed bison tallow.

Osha root AKA “love root” or “wild bear medicine” is a highly revered plant of Native Americans.

This salve is perfect as a beard balm, hair balm or deodorant…

The tallow makes the hair nice and soft and manageable and the love root and sandalwood both possess a calming, inviting scent.

Native Americans observed the behavior of bears after chewing on the root. They assumed it was for health reasons when in reality, afterwards would be found nuzzling one another, as if given a love drug, hence both the names bear root and lovage/love root came into existence.

Osha root’s side effects are slightly aphrodisiac due to the hormone oxytocin being found in the root and released during it’s consumption.

This salve is also excellent as a chest rub…

Osha root contains anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties and therefore supports health or healing for respiratory conditions (coughs, colds, tonsillitis, flu, and other types of viral infections).

Its antiviral properties are well recognized today, and as an alternative medicine, it’s often prescribed at the first signals of the common cold or flu.