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The Greatest Calamity of the Medical Industry’s War on Life

One of the greatest crimes against humanity is the “medical religion’s” failure to address the root causes of dis-ease.

And one of the saddest outcomes of that failure is the loss of our elderhood, humanity’s purveyors of meaning and tradition.

We blindly fill our nursing homes with senior citizens out of ignorance. It’s sadly become the norm to lock them away in these...(I’m just gonna be honest) death camps.

It’s as though the medical industrial complex has declared a war on life itself and we’ve allowed it to happen.

It’s easier to not look at our elder’s sadness, grief, loss of function and death.

Out of sight, out of mind!

And with recent federal guidelines many residents have been deprived of access to the outdoors, denied visits from their family, and left desperate for human connection. The very things that have the most potential to help them heal.

They’re pumped full of medication to suppress their symptoms, and many are living in a perpetually numb state of despair.

Who suffers from this enormous oversight?


We’re losing a whole generation of wisdom-keepers and story-tellers.

Instead of filling our Souls with meaning, talking story with our elders has become more of a space-holding for their complaints of discomfort, sadness and mistreatment.

This is why I love my job...

I get to help elders in my community live pain-free in their final years of that they can remember their heart-song!

So that they can pass on their wisdom from a place of non-medicated clarity.

As a “health-care provider” who also has experience with natural healing modalities it has been a constant challenge to “find the light” in the midst of the darkness. I’ve learned to use the appropriate language to guide my patients to listen to their bodies. But, at the same time, I know I can only say so much, or else I will be fired.

The good news is, I have witnessed more medical providers, patients and family members waking up and standing up to the “white coat cult” in the past year... and this is such a relief.

Perhaps a silver lining to the recent pandemic drama.

Our elders need us. They can’t do it alone. Let us help guide them home as they have for us for so many years.

Its our responsibility, at the very least, to assist them in their transition as thoughtfully and carefully...and with as much we bring our children into the world.

And while they are still here, may we give them our deepest presence and gaze into their eyes like everything they communicate is golden!

Thank you for all that you do to bring light into this world!


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