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Digital detox day 7: Please…pull up a chair!

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

“The existence of another being leans heavily upon our willingness to acknowledge their existence.”

~Stephen Jenkinson

One of the most precious assets of a light worker is our depth of presence and our ability to uphold and witness the magic of Creation.

With our unwavering attention, we illuminate everything in our path…in service to oneness.

One of the greatest contributors to the erosion of our ability to focus is social media, which creates a slow leak in our navigating skills.

We slowly dim our light with excessive stimuli and options, with alluring junk values and competitiveness.

This casino in our pocket literally reroutes our energetic/neural pathways to favor seeking attention and reinforcement for egoic pursuits.

It’s time to reclaim our brilliance…our ability to speak the truth and co-create this collective experience with steadfastness of principle and purpose.

It’s time to own our capacity to beam our fiercest and most enduring love light upon the beloveds who have come to witness and be witnessed…here and now.

For some of us, this might mean stepping away from the eroding forces altogether and refusing to feed this monster.

For others, stepping in and demanding change within the system might be the answer.

Whichever the case, a movement must occur to wake us up to the ones who are sitting at the table, waiting so quietly for our light to shine upon them.

The photo above was taken of our Sage, a few weeks ago, while I sat in the other room responding to messages on instagram.

Today, on the 8th day of a “digital detox”(no social media apps on my phone for 30 days), I wept when I looked at the image…because it made me wonder, how long had she sat there…and how many times had she sat at that table alone, waiting for me to join her, as I swiped, posted and scrolled in the other room.

And how ironic that the photo came through slightly out of focus…while her mommy (and most of the world) are seeing through blurred vision, distracted and multi-tasking our lives away.

I can’t turn back time now, but I can renew my commitment to savor every chance I get to bask in her light and shine mine upon her angelic spirit.

My friends, you have the opportunity right now to restore your inner compass and REALLY SEE the truth that’s within and right in front of you…to stop exiting the path when it gets a little bumpy…to lean into the analog experience of REAL LIFE!

Or you can choose to stare at the glow of this rectangular device for answers, to succumb to the dimming and dumbing down of our greatest super-hero powers as human BE-ings!

“Just like we needed and need a feminist movement to reclaIm their bodies and their lives, we need an attention movement to reclaim our minds. We have to change the nature of our demands.”

“We are not medieval peasants at the court of King Zuckerberg begging for a few little crumbs of attention at his table. We are the free citizens of democracy, we have dignity, we own our own minds and we can take them back if we want to.”

~ Johann Hari, Author of Stolen Focus

If this resonates with you, I invite you to follow along (or join me) as I attempt to do the unthinkable 😉 (in this day and age). To detox from social media, to develop my muscles of deep focus and ultimately delete my FB and IG accounts. It won’t be easy, it’s already been like a long overdue death to an entire identity.

And I welcome that death whole-heartedly, because I care about the direction this path is taking many of my brothers and sisters.

In a time when dissociation is the new norm, I choose to lean in and show up even more fully for my friends and family. We are so worthy of being paid our fullest attention.

And even our elders, as they sit alone in nursing homes, isolated… while we check our notifications for intermittent positive feedback…they too are waiting for someone…to pull up a bask in that illumination of deep mutual witnessing.

❤️Still loving all of you!


PS…this video inspired me to drop in with eyes wide open…perhaps it will for you too!

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