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Day 5 of 30-day Digital Declutter: Presence and Play

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Ahhh the joys and pain of memory lane.

Wouldn’t change a single thang

No step was taken in vain

So many actions I can feign

Yet still the feelings remain

Yielding a net gain

That no boundary can contain

So I put it all into the flame

Sure-ender all knowing and blame

Nurture that playful child again

And Awaken the Presence that knows my name

This season is generally integrative for me, because the memories of Christmases past always flood in, creating waves of joy and grief.

I see why I chose this time to pull away from social media, so that I can feel these wounds come up without any exits.

What always comes from deep emotional integration is play and deeper presence.

I may have checked my phone 5 times yesterday. As compared to the typical hundreds of times a day when I’m on Instagram and Facebook.

The kids and I played with the neighbor’s kids until the sun went down. We read books, played UNO and Bubblegum in a Dish, traded fidget toys, made a cardboard clubhouse, pitched a tent, shared a whole watermelon, danced to freeze dance song a few dozen times and made up our own games!

It was like a flashback from 1990, before smart-phones stole our god-given right to be BORED!

Overall I’m noticing how I’m doing a lot more staring and zoning out. I’m allowing myself to daydream again. I guess a fancy way to say it is “meditating” or “journeying” 😂 I’ve forgotten how therapeutic it is to just watch the leaves dance in the wind.

Here are some images I took from the bedroom window as we cuddled one evening.

The last of the grape leaves were dance battling with the ash tree leaves as the sun set over the desert. 😀


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