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Co-parenting with the Gov

Bottom line…If we give birth to a child in the US, give them a birth certificate and a social security number…then we are already co-parenting with the government.

Forcing our children to wear masks all day is up for debate…AND the myriad of ways we force them to comply against their will…is up for even deeper scrutiny!

Masking is the tip of the ice berg! Don’t stop there!

Its easy to blame in times like these when the media lays out our targets for us in memes, bits and bites!

It’s not so easy to ask tougher questions and turn our finger towards our own ignorance.

We are ALL compromising our values or blindly complying to something in our daily lives…things we just accept as normal and never question!

Let’s take school masking as an example.

I know there are many parents who wouldn’t bat their eyes at government authorities and genuinely believe our elected leaders are looking out for our health and safety.

And I see so many parents complaining that their kids are miserable, being coerced and even tortured by being forced to wear masks.

In both cases, there are major blind spots to uncover.

Masks are a good place to start!

But boy oh boy is it just the tip of the iceberg!

May I ask why we even force our kids into institutions to begin with?

This is just one example of something we’ve done for so long without question that it’s become nearly impossible to see just how unnatural it is to round up our kids and “educate” them inside an enclosed space.

To hand them off and outsource our responsibilities to often complete strangers.

Have you ever read about the beginnings and purpose of compulsory education?

Well you’re in for a treat if you haven’t!

May I suggest reading some of John Holt and John Taylor Gatto’s work?…talk about unnecessary “torture and coercion” driven by a power and money-hungry institutional agenda!

What else are we doing to force our children to comply with what’s “accepted” and “normal” and told is necessary to create “civilized” human beings!

We coerce them to do so many things that are unnatural and against their will like…

Sit in chairs

Be quiet

Eat 3 square meals

Clean their plates

Sleep alone

Take a bath

Get a degree

Follow the rules

Eat processed crap

Smile and say thank you

Hug your grandma

The list goes on…so please don’t stop at masks!

Ohhh the subtle ways we manipulate…and the name of the game is “fear-induced-compliance”…so that the dominator culture and the status quo can continue on!

How often do you use fear to get your little ones to comply?

I encourage my fellow caregivers to just observe yourself today.

Take note of the coercion you observe….

And please…don’t stop at masks!

There’s so much more to the story!

This is an opportunity to take responsibility for our children’s well-being in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY!

As parents and caregivers, we’ve outsourced our responsibilities to these precious little free-spirits!

It’s time to say…we got this!!!

And it’s time to envision other ways to raise confident, emotionally intelligent, sovereign human beings who don’t just “do as they are told”.

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