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Co-parenting with a casino

((((Can you be “awake” on social media…or does being there automatically put you to sleep?))))

Would you stay in a relationship with someone if you knew they were spying on you, censoring you, manipulating you, making money off of your vulnerabilities and leaving you more hungry for approval each time you interacted with them?

This relationship I am describing is the one we have with Facebook.

Social media developers INTENTIONALLY feed upon our social vulnerabilities, our need to feel seen...while simultaneously, covertly feeding that feeling of never-enoughness.

This allows them to use the smart phone as an intermittently-reinforcing casino in our pocket. This is no accident!

Being immune to this is tricky. In my experience, awareness supports awakeness.

This is why I highly recommend getting REALLY acquainted with their sly business strategies.

And just like the “experimental jab”…REALLY do your research and feel into the potential health risks and benefits of this great experiment!

Are you willing to be a part of something clinically shown to have unhealthy consequences (i.e. brain changes similar to a drug addict’s or someone with ADD) and never really proven to be safe, in exchange for a temporary perception of belonging?

Not to mention that WE (specifically our personal information) are actually the commodity being sold, in order for these power-hungry companies to make billions of dollars! And part of that money goes towards pushing an agenda…that I personally am not aligned with.

Are you willing to support and put your time into a matrix-like entity that unapologetically censors those who do not comply with their political/financial agenda?

Sure, some of you may be able to claim it has changed or improved your life, but what about what it has done and is doing to the world as a whole?

Do you think the majority of people, including our children (and future generations) really benefit from this type of centralized power over our freedom of speech, and the deliberate design to turn us into addicts who are constantly comparing our lives to and trying to get attention from other users.

Letting our children in on this is like co-parenting with a casino whose profiting depends upon feeding our insatiable void of not-enoughness.

I know you’re aware of the subtle subliminal cues that we get from social media that we are not enough, that we need to look a certain way or engage in certain behaviors to be worthy of followers and likes.

Many speak of healing from co-dependent relationships /conscious uncoupling on social media platforms, yet are blind to the codependency inherent in the chronic use of this hand-held, boredom-eradicating, attention-span-eroding, circadian-rhythm-disrupting validation-machine.

In this convenient arrangement, the love (or like) addict is willing to give up certain things in order to keep getting the feeling that the “love-substitute” provides.

It’s a novelty-generating pocket-companion...not many can resist!

My hand’s high in the air! 🙋🏽‍♀️

Many of you (especially the millennials and younger generations) may not get this, because you can’t even remember what your life was like without social media.

And many who have very little memory of life without that low level anxiety and constantly looking at a screen, don’t really know what they’re missing. They don’t know what it’s like to give someone or something their FULL un-divided attention and presence, both in the moment, for an entire day, and continuously day after day.

I look at my children and ask…”Would I want them to spend 6+ hours a day looking at a screen?” If not, then why would I allow myself to do that?

BTW if you’ve never looked at your screentime under “settings” on an iPhone, you might be surprised and appalled 😱 😉 And hopefully inspired to make some changes. It sure was a wake up call for me. 🤦🏽‍♀️

So, it’s time for another Facebook fast. Time for some deep focus work.

I’ve posted some links in the comments below, for anyone wanting to inform themselves of the dangers of excessive use of social media and screen time in general. And how to use social media more in moderation by setting limits for oneself (AKA “digital minimalism”) and how to raise children to be immune to the pressures and bullying in the digital age.

See you on the other side beloveds!

We are all SO worthy of being deeply seen, felt and heard, without giving so much of our freedom and sense-of-self away!

💕Pachee Pachuchi

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