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A bigger picture of viruses, emotions, detox and heart expansion

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about all the fear-mongering out there, maybe this will help.

I invite you to step back for a moment from the programming you’ve received about germs, viruses and human immunity.

What if there was no need to “fight” a virus?

What if the symptoms we observe were showing us how perfectly our human bodies are designed?

What I’ve observed is that when we consume or are exposed to substances or events that irritate/stress the body it results in a purge of some sort, either physically or emotionally.

If we are emotionally suppressed or if we physically suppress the body with will manifest as pain or inflammation.

Sometimes we will have diarrhea or vomiting, excess mucus and sneezing, fever and sweating.

If we allow ourselves to emote, the toxicity can even be removed through emotional tears, shaking and heat created through emotional integration.

Isn’t our body miraculous?

Humans also go through cycles of periodic cleansing and purging (daily, monthly, seasonally, etc) in response to cosmological factors, weather changes and individual lifestyle habits.

Women experience a monthly flow in order to “shed” toxins, which usually accompanies a purge of blood and emotions. This process has been proven to cleanse and prepare her body for carrying a child.

I believe men would experience a cyclical emotional shedding/purging as well if they were not as emotionally suppressed. 😉 (not their fault)

Our natural cleansing processes are suppressed in many ways including psychological programming, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, processed food, excessive doing, etc.

As a result of that suppression, I’ve witnessed many experience increased bodily discomfort, increased sweating, pain and even increased mucus production in a cyclical fashion, yet they blame it on “infections” and continue to pile on more toxins. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Awareness of cycles of cleansing, erosion and renewal in Nature allows us to look at “viruses” and so-called “outbreaks” of illness in a different light.

Thomas Cowan, author of The Contagion Myth, invites a paradigm shift about this pandemic in a very objective way when he asks...

Why do we blame a virus when people start having symptoms of cleansing or toxicity?

When we observe an entire species of animals dying or becoming sick we typically ask...

What’s going on in their environment?

Is their water polluted?

Is the air polluted?

Are they consuming something poisonous?

Is there something causing them stress?

If we ask the same questions about this current “pandemic” we may come to some actual observational clues as to what’s going on rather than blaming a so-called “contagious” entity...or any ONE THING!

We may learn that it’s the human terrain, external and internal, that is toxic, and the human body and the collective has reached it’s tipping point.

We are being forced to either upgrade our detoxification processes or perish due to intoxication/poisoning.

We may also learn that we have placed enormous unnecessary stress on our bodies in various ways (i.e., processed food and disconnection from nature and our natural instincts).

In relation to emotions, we are witnessing a massive emotional upheaval that is being expressed by individuals and entire groups as elaborate stories of blame.

Due to our disconnection from Nature and our own bodies through prolonged suppression of emotional and physical symptoms...we tend do what we have been programmed to do...we blame someone else and play the victim role.

This is why there are so many groups rising up to blame other groups of people...or a virus.

It feels good to have a reason for all of our frustration, discomfort, inner turmoil and rage!

It’s okay to have a story that you were wronged and abused and that those abusers need to be held responsible.

It’s okay to think that a virus...and the people and politics surrounding it...are the bane of your existence!

It’s okay to speak up about the flaws in the system that keeps us feeling powerless and co-dependent.

But ultimately we have to realize it’s not just one thing. We have to zoom out and see the big picture, observe nature and what’s in front of us without turning on the news or consulting someone else’s opinion.

Consult with your body first. Does adding more toxicity (through ingesting more drugs or thinking toxic, hateful thoughts) feel right to you? Or do we need to allow it to purge and release and do what’s necessary to support it in that process?

We need to be able to find the common threads through all of the stories that are being told.

Listen to them, they’re all saying the same things!

When we stop to observe, listen and FEEL...instead of always arguing “our side” we will begin to unravel the deeper truths.

When we zoom in and hyper focus on one aspect of the puzzle we analyze “anal-eyes” and miss so much of the greater truth.

Zoom out, observe and “real-eyes”!

A simple, myopic mind is often quick to blame (be lame) and react...and is easily manipulated.

And a mind that is adaptable, able to grasp complexities and nuances and recognize patterns and cycles...can be impervious to mind-control.

When we practice non-suppression and self-facilitation of emotion...release the blockages...we can access our intuition and show up more authentically... in receiving mode for ALL the varieties of “truth” that will be brought to us for real-eyes-ation!

When we bring our cleansed, open-hearts into coherence with our cleansed, open-minds...we can begin to cultivate the clarity needed to co-create sustainable solutions for our planet to move forward TOGETHER!

Whatever you perceive to be the source of your pain and can choose to go to battle with it, or dismiss it as a messenger.

The virus...and every physical symptom and emotional charge initiated by it...has a function.

Do we choose to fight against it or relieve it from duty?

When we choose the latter...we can start to allow the viruses and the messengers to initiate a long overdue purge or detox of old programming and accumulated waste. Even view it as an upgrade!

And then we can say “thank you!”

Thank you for being here in all the ways you share your truth!

Thank you for receiving mine!


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